Expectations and Conduct

Gym Rules and Guidelines

  • The Tucson Historic Fencing Club accepts students 14 and older
  • No shoes, fencing equipment, weapons, etc. on the wrestling mats
  • Wear either clean shoes or socks in the gym; tracking dust and dirt into the gym both makes it less clean and damages the floor
  • Only make use of club equipment. The punching bags, kick shields, etc. are not ours and should be left alone unless specific permission is granted
  • All club equipment should be returned to it's location before the end of class, please don't make the instructors go on a treasure hunt to clean up at the end of the night
  • Always walk around the perimeter of the gym floor where possible to avoid interrupting other classes
  • Use of the weight room is only available with explicit permission from an instructor

Member Conduct


  • Be excellent to one another. Treat each other with kindness, respect and generosity. Accept praise and criticism with equal candor, and give both with sincerity.
  • Be humble and willing to accept your mistakes, but be willing to defend your ideas and goals


  • Always ensure both you and your partner are appropriately equipped for any fencing activity you're participating in
If you're not sure, ask. No one in the club is ever going to put you down for wanting to be safe.
  • Make sure all equipment you're using is in good condition, both before and after you use it. If you're concerned about the condition of any club gear, please alert an instructor ASAP, even if you think it's only minor. We'd rather check it than regret it.
  • Always make sure you and your partner are both of the same understanding of what you're working on.
One person warming up while the other is preparing for competition can be dangerous for both parties.


  • Ask for, and be prepared to give, feedback to your partners.
  • Come to practice prepared with goals you want to work on, and be willing to help others achieve their own goals as well
  • Never pressure anyone in class to engage with activities they don't want to.
  • Treat everyone's training time and space as equally valuable as your own
Don't hog the ring during freeplay, stay on task during drills, gather and put away any club equipment in a timely and organized manner