Membership and Dues

Interested in joining us? Great!

When you show up for you first lesson, please bring a completed copy of the following form.
Please attend practice in clothing that is easy to move around in, and we strongly recommend that all men wear a groin cup. Please contact us to let us know if you're planning to attend, this makes it much easier for us to prepare a lesson that you will enjoy and learn from. Our club has members at many skill levels, and it is easier to account for these if we know who is attending ahead of time.

Practices run ~2-3 hours in length, and we tend to move straight into working on material, so please attend on time so we don't have to rewind and try to get stragglers up to speed with the material for the day.

If you like what we're doing, our payment structure is relatively simple; $5 per practice, or $40 pays for a month for classes and access to whatever loaner gear we have to let you borrow (swords, gloves, masks, etc.) If you attend two weekly practices, this is a significant savings; but it gets better. you can also elect to pay in 6 month blocks for $200. If you can attend every practice in a week, that's just about $2 per practice. You can either pay at practice by cash or check, or sign up here to automate your membership payments.

If you have extra or old gear that is still in good condition, we can happily discuss the possibility of trade-ins of old gear in exchange for credit to apply towards club dues. Speak to Doug to discuss this option.