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Duels at High Noon

Tucson Historic Fencing Club

A Tucson HEMA Event

Duels at High Noon is 4 tournaments over the two days in Tucson, Arizona. The event will take place over the weekend of Sept 22-23 and will be held at the Catalina High School Gymnasium.

On Saturday, we will be running our Longsword and Cane pools, with the Messer and Single Rapier tournaments being run Sunday morning. After lunch on Sunday, we will be running an Open Weapon Martial Challenge (inspired by the challenge run by John Patterson and the Phoenix Society for Historical Swordsmanship), and a secret Invitational event; followed by the eliminations and finals for all our tournament events.

Our current anticipated schedule is below:

  Ring 1 Ring 2; Ring 3
9:00:00 AM LS Class Freeplay Cane Class
10:00:00 AM LS Tourn LS Tourn Free Play
11:00:00 AM LS Tourn LS Tourn LS Tourn (Overflow)
12:00:00 AM LS Tourn LS Tourn LS Tourn (Overflow)
3:00:00 PM LS Tourn (Overflow) LS Tourn (Overflow) Freeplay
4:00:00 PM Cane Tourn Cane Tourn Cane Tourn
5:00:00 PM Cane Tourn Cane Tourn Cane Tourn
6:00:00 PM Cane Tourn Cane Tourn Freeplay
  Ring 1 Ring 2; Ring 3
9:00:00 AM Messer Tourn Messer Tourn Messer Tourn
10:00:00 AM Messer Tourn Messer Tourn Messer Tourn
11:00:00 AM S. Rapier Tourn S. Rapier Tourn S. Rapier Tourn
12:00:00 PM S. Rapier Tourn S. Rapier Tourn S. Rapier Tourn
2:00:00 PM Martial Challenge Invitational Free Play
3:00:00 PM Elims   Free Play
4:00:00 PM     Free Play
5:00:00 PM Finals   Free Play
6:00:00 PM     Free Play

DaHN 2018 rules

- Each ring will be run by a ring official and a secondary judge. Judges should try to orient themselves to garner the best view of the fighting, while maintaining a safe position, and considering the view of their judging team, and either judge may call halt if a definitive exchange result is achieved
- The ring official has primary responsibility and weight in making judging calls, the secondary judge can recommend a call or provide input for the official, but cannot overrule the ring official.
- Competitors can attempt to decline points or award points to their opponent, but the ring official can overrule either of those decisions as they see fit.

“Organizer’s Note: We’d like to be able to provide dedicated staffing for rings at the event this year, and we acknowledge that this puts a burden on participants. Because of this, we are willing to offer a discount to a limited number of qualified staff. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at for clarification and details.”

- Match will go to 20sec or first to win three exchanges, with time stopped for judging calls
"Organizer's Note: This places a cap on the amount of points you can earn from a given fighter. Last year our attempts to emphasize assertive fencing presented rules that meant a competitor could score several points on rookie or newer fencers by aggressively attacking without regard for defense, this new ceiling should dissuade similar reckless behavior this year. Remember the most you can score against an opponent is 3 points, best to limit the points you give up rather than desperately diving on your opponent's weapon."
- Leg at or below the knee is not a valid target in any tournament event.
- Any definitive action decided by the ring official may award the exchange to the competitor; this includes blows to any valid target, or actions such as a successful grapple or disarm, in which case the point is awarded for the successful control of the opponent.
- Afterblows, doubles, or exchanges where the ring official feels the fencing included behavior where both fencers were at fault or unsafe may be recorded as "unclean".
- If no conclusion as to the outcome of the exchange can be determined by the ring official, the exchange can be thrown out at their decision
- If a match ends due to either time or awarded exchanges and no "unclean" exchanges are recorded, both competitors scores are doubled, up to a maximum of 6 points.
- Throwing your opponent to the ground is forbidden.
- Any level of contact deemed malicious by a judge or ring official is grounds for immediate dismissal from the event. This includes joint locks that are deemed to have a risk of injury to an opponent, intentional targeting of the spine or back of the head, etc.
- Intentional abandonment of the ring, forcing your opponent out of the ring or any other action deemed to be intended only to force a call of halt (pushing an opponent over, etc.), will result in a warning at the discretion of the ring official, and may result in the loss of a match or removal from the tournament event if repeated warnings are given.
- Pool matches will not proceed to sudden death, a result of a draw or double loss is possible
- A double loss will be the determined result if the only results at match time are "unclean"

- Each tournament will be run in two parts, a round-robin pool followed by an elimination bracket. The elimination bracket will be sized proportionally to the pool, with a minimum assumed bracket of 8, which may expand to a bracket of 16 if tournament participation exceeds 30 individuals.
- Advancing to the elimination bracket will be determined by weighted evaluation of the following metrics, listed in order of priority:
* Number of matches won without conceding any exchanges (No exchanges lost or called unclean)
* Ratio of matches won/lost
* Number of exchanges won

- Elimination matches will go for 90sec or to 7 exchanges won, with time stopped for judging calls
- Elimination matches will proceed to sudden death in the event of a tie or double loss,

- For any weapon, the staff has full authority to deny a competitor's request for use if the staff member deems the weapon to be potentially unsafe for any parties involved. If you are unsure about your weapon being permitted, please contact us at for clarification and details.
- Equipment must be in good condition, and must comply with HEMAA Safety standards and policies. Metal gauntlets are not permitted for any competitors, and all equipment will be checked by a ring official prior to the start of a tournament.
-Masks must be free of obvious dents or damage and must be well fit (not demonstrably loose) and have a back of the head protector securely attached.
-Jacket must have a collar with a blade catch, be free of significant damage or wear, and should be worn with gorget and hard elbow protection either over or underneath.
-Men are required to wear a groin cup, women are encouraged to wear a hard plastron underneath a jacket.
-Knee protection must be secure on the legs, and shin coverage is recommended.
-Gloves must be free of obvious damage that could risk the safety of a competitor, and must be vetted as appropriate for the weapon being used. Light padded gloves (Lacrosse, Hockey, etc.) are not appropriate for the Longsword or Messer tournament events, but may be used in the Single Rapier or Cane tournament events. An unpadded glove is acceptable for the Single Rapier tournament.
-Staff may, at any time, ask to re-evaluate gear and make a determination about whether the competitor is permitted to continue with the equipment or if the competitor needs to find a replacement piece of equipment. The responsibility to find a replacement for the damaged equipment is upon the competitor, and a failure to replace the failed equipment in a reasonable time frame may result in the competitor being dismissed from the tournament. Duels at High Noon staff will attempt to assist and accommodate to the best of their ability,



Sponsored by:

If you'd like to sponsor this event, please contact us at or donate via Paypal below

The Tucson Historic Fencing Club is excited to announce our Martial Challenge. This event is a special tournament to take place on Sunday Sept. 23rd, and will be a single elimination Open Weapon tournament, fought to first blow.

Martial challenge matches will begin with each competitor selecting three weapons they are both willing to fence with and able to provide. If there is only one common weapon between competitors, that is the weapon that will be used. If there are multiple weapons overlapping, competitors may arrange between themselves the selection criteria. All fencers must wear protective equipment appropriate for the more stringent safety requirements of the selected weapons.

There are 8 spaces available for the Martial Challenge, so sign up soon!

Martial Challenge Registration

Entry into the Martial Challenge will be separate from the event registration, and will be $75. No discounts will be offered on the entry fee for this event. The full cost of admission to this event will be donated to Make Way for Books, a local charity dedicated to empowering communities to help promote and encourage literacy for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Please join us in helping Make Way for Books and ensuring future potential scholars can study the same arts we are researching today. HEMA is for everyone, and this is my way of trying to keep this door open for more and more people in the future, so HEMA can continue to develop and grow.

Duels at High Noon Event Registration:

Your entry fee will cover entry into any and all of the parts of the event (except for the charity tournament), no separate tournament fees involved.
As we get closer to the event, event staff will reach out regarding which tournaments you are interested in competing in and pools will be generated.

Registration Options

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