Duels at High Noon

A Tucson HEMA Event

Duels at High Noon is 4 tournaments over the two days in Tucson, Arizona. The event will take place over the weekend of November 11-12 and will be held at the Tucson Convention Center.

On Saturday, we will be running our Open Longsword and Open Sword and Buckler pools, with the Dussack and Smallsword tournaments being run Sunday morning. In the classroom hall next door, we will be running classes, coached sparring, and have space for freeplay available throughout the day. There will also be a covered outdoor space, which will be open for adhoc classes and more freeplay. After lunch on Sunday, we will be running a Longsword Martial Challenge (inspired by the challenge run by John Patterson and the Phoenix Society for Historical Swordsmanship) followed by the eliminations and finals for all our tournament events.

Our current anticipated schedule is below:

  Room 1   Room 2
9:00:00 AM LS Class LS Class SB Class
10:00:00 AM LS Tourn LS Tourn Free Play
11:00:00 AM LS Tourn LS Tourn LS Tourn (Overflow)
12:00:00 PM SB Tourn SB Tourn LS Tourn (Overflow)
3:00:00 PM LS Tourn LS Tourn Free Play
4:00:00 PM LS Tourn SB Tourn Free Play
5:00:00 PM SB Tourn SB Tourn Duss Class
6:00:00 PM SB Tourn SB Tourn ?? Class
  Room 1   Room 2
9:00:00 AM Duss Tourn Duss Tourn Fiore Class
10:00:00 AM Duss Tourn Duss Tourn ?? Class
11:00:00 AM SS Class Free Play SS Class
12:00:00 PM SS Tourn SS Tourn Polish Saber Class
2:00:00 PM Martial Challenge
3:00:00 PM Elims   Free Play
4:00:00 PM     Free Play
5:00:00 PM Finals   Free Play
6:00:00 PM     Free Play

The Longsword and Sword and Buckler tournaments are to be fought with steel weapons and competitors are expected to bring their own weapons to the event. Dussack and Smallsword, being far less common, will have weapons provided for competitors. If you own your own smallsword, you may present it to the event staff and request to use it for competition.

For any weapon, the staff has full authority to deny a competitors to request for use if the staff member deems the weapon to be potentially unsafe for any parties involved. If you are unsure about your weapon being permitted, please contact us at tucsonhistoricfencing@gmail.com for clarification and details.

Each tournament will be run in two parts, a round-robin pool followed by an elimination bracket. The elimination bracket will be sized proportionally to the pool, with a minimum assumed bracket of 8, which may expand to a bracket of 16 if tournament participation exceeds 30 individuals.
The round robin pools will be divided into two pools, each with an equal number of competitors advancing to the elimination bracket.

Matches shall be officiated by two judges and a ring official to administer the ring. Competitors in the currently pending pool will be asked to volunteer to judge for the active pool.

- Pool matches will go for 20sec, stopping for judging calls
- Elimination matches will go for 90sec or to 9 points, stopping for judging calls
- Single point will be awarded for a clean entry and withdrawal, and the exchange continues until a withdrawal is at least attempted.
- The exception for this is in the case of a successful grapple or disarm, in which case the point is awarded for the successful control of the opponent
- Afterblows and doubles are recorded both recorded as a blow against each competitor
- Elimination brackets will be drawn from the pools based on total points across matches, followed by fewest doubles.
- In the case of a tie in determining elims, decision will be made based on the fencer who gives up the least points across all matches
- Elimination matches will proceed to sudden death, pool matches will not
- Throwing your opponent to the ground is forbidden
- Any level of contact deemed malicious by a judge or ring official is grounds for immediate dismissal from the event. This includes joint locks that are deemed to have a risk of injury to an opponent.

Event specific rules:

- Single-handed blows are not permissible outside of the bind

- Cuts are not counted
- Blows to the offhand side, or below the waist are not counted

Equipment must be in good condition, and must comply with HEMAA Safety standards and policies. Metal gauntlets are not permitted for any competitors, and all equipment will be checked by a ring official prior to the start of a tournament.

-Masks must be free of obvious dents or damage and must be well fit (not demonstrably loose) and have a back of the head protector securely attached.
-Jacket must be free of significant damage or wear, and should be worn with gorget and hard elbow protection either over or underneath.
-Men are required to wear a groin cup, women are encouraged to wear a hard plastron underneath a jacket.
-Knee protection must be secure on the legs, and shin coverage is recommended.
-Gloves must be free of obvious damage that could risk the safety of a competitor, and must be vetted as appropriate for the weapon being used. Light padded gloves (Lacrosse, Hockey, etc.) are not appropriate for the Longsword tournament, but may be used in the Sword and Buckler or Dussack tournament. In Sword and Buckler, they are only acceptable on the buckler hand. An unpadded glove is acceptable for the Smallsword tournament.

-Staff may, at any time, ask to re-evaluate gear and make a determination about whether the competitor is permitted to continue with the equipment or if the competitor needs to find a replacement piece of equipment.


James Harvey Grant: Henry Angelo's Smallsword
Alex Munroe: Introduction to Joachim Meyer's Dussack
Richard Marsden: TBA

And more to come!

The Tucson Historic Fencing Club is excited to announce our Martial Challenge. This event is a special tournament to take place on Sunday Nov. 12th, and will be a single elimination longsword tournament to the first blow. There are 8 spaces available for the Martial Challenge, so sign up soon!

Destroyer Modz​ has graciously agreed to sponsor this event with a gift certificate for their upcoming 'Harambe Battle Hoodie', a lightweight jacket with removable padding inserts. Pictures and details to follow!

Entry into the Martial Challenge will be separate from the event registration, and will be $50. The full cost of admission to this event will be donated to Make Way for Books, a local charity dedicated to empowering communities to help promote and encourage literacy for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Please join us in helping Make Way for Books and ensuring future potential scholars can study the same arts we are researching today. HEMA is for everyone, and this is my way of trying to keep this door open for more and more people in the future, so HEMA can continue to develop and grow.

Duels at High Noon Event Registration:

Registration is now closed for Duels at High Noon 2017.